Local Links

The Palmerston Forts Society is active in the appreciation and preservation of the Victorian forts:

Lots of information about the structures on and in Portsdown Hill:

Fareham Borough Council have a short reference to their parts of the hill:

John Goodspeed has details about the hill on his own website : http://www.havantnature.net

Hampshire Conservation Volunteers http://www.hcv.org.uk work at weekends all over Hampshire.

Drayton and Farlington Action Group provide lots of local information and promote community involvement.

Ecological links

Flora Id:

Butterfly ID:
The local 'Hampshire and Isle of Wight Branch of Butterfly Conservation', and national Butterfly Conservation, respectively:

Moth ID:
"Hants Moths" - a site run by Mike Wall and devoted to moths in Hampshire:

Gardening and environmental advice
Lots of articles from Simon Eade on native planting, attracting insects and habitat conservation in your garden.

Guide to bee-keeping
A comprehensive guide.

Useful books

Wild Flowers of Britain and Ireland; Blamey, Fitter and Fitter; A&C Black
Up-to-date and with rather more details than in previous works.

Grasses of the British Isles; Cope and Gray; BSBI
It's a cracker! Don't be put off by the necessary technical stuff, as there's lots of useful nuggets.

General Flora
Flora of Hampshire; Brewis, Bowman and Rose; Harley Books
Published in 1996 but still a valuable reference.

Hampshire's Countryside Heritage, No. 6: Chalk Grassland; Hampshire County Council
Published 1983. An interesting read.

Flora Britannica; Mabey; Sinclair-Stevenson
A superb collection of the roles for plants in our lives

How to identify butterflies; Lewington; Collins
Good pictures and comparisons between similar species

Portsdown Panorama; Triggs; Halsgrove
Historical photos and details from an ex-News hound

Listings of events

These sites are used to help publicise our events (and existence):

AboutMyArea for Portsmouth has lots of local events and news

Visit Portsmouth is run by the Visitor Information Service

Where can we go

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